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Jesters is a GPSL that revolves around the motorcycle club The Devils Jesters who have been around since the 60s. Many of the members currently in the club are relatives in a variety of forms of the original members. The Devils Jesters are a more progressive MC because they were not only accepting of but founded by people of color as well as people from the LGBT+ spectrum.

The typical rules of rp apply within this community. Do not god mod, do not be a dick (well in character is fine), respect your fellow writers, eat three meals a day, drink plenty of water, be kind to strangers and of course do not bogart the weed. But really. But really, keep ooc and ic separately and we can not stress this enough. Just because a character is being dick-ish does not mean that the player is against you personally. This is a MC game and things will sometimes seem a bit daunting. Also with that being said there will be darker themes here but we still ask that anything that could be triggering be placed under a cut and labeled with possible triggers.

Usernames should be in character examples of this would be ~jax, ~teller, ~jnt, ~jnteller, ,~jaxt, etc. Ideally you should have at least one icon uploaded, and an ic as well as an ooc contact post. The ooc contact post may also harbor their bio.

Biographys should include basic facts, history, personality and their association with the club. If they are patches of either the Jesters or Lady Jesters please include what years they began each portion of the hierarchy. We do not expect a novel but enough to give us a view of who your character is.

We do require examples and while we prefer a cdj or example journal we do accept entries to be placed within the journal you are applying with. At minimum we would like to see two scene examples and an entry or narrative. We are a thread happy community so our focus is more on the content of your scenes.

Realism is a must! We will give you a little bit of freedom to use RP magic but please keep pregnancies, marriages, divorces, and the like in the scope of reality. And at this time we do not require you to seek approval of a pregnancy but we do require you to submit your pregnancy to the plot suggestion post in order for us to keep track of things and keep them neat and tidy.

The character limit is five but with mod discretion we may allow up to seven. But you have to prove that you are active. We have the right to deny additional characters if we feel that you are not active enough on the ones that are currently in play.

An activity check is done once a month. We ask that you have at the bare minimum one scene with at least three replies or narrative within your journal. Group scenes do indeed count toward your scene requirement.

Are there any limits on who can join the Devil's Jesters?
While we want to be welcoming of people from all walks of life we want to keep an element of realism as well. We here at one percent are allowing people of color and homosexual members as one of the founding members was homosexual and it is one reason why they began The Devils Jesters together.
What is a 1 percenter in a motorcycle club?
Some outlaw motorcycle clubs can be distinguished by a "1%" patch worn on the colors. This is said to refer to a comment by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, implying the last one percent were outlaws.
What does it take to be an Old lady, can my character be one?
In order to be an old lady you have to go through extensive training to get the official title. Simply marrying or practically marrying a member of the MC is not enough. Not every woman is cut out for the role. In order to be an old lady you will have to work in an upstanding position, ie if your character is a stripper or porn star with intentions of keeping their job they are probably best suited for the role of sweetbutt. However if the character is the owner or operator of a strip club, porn studio, dispensary, etc they would be able to fulfill the role – if it suits their personality, of course.
What is a sweetbutt versus a house mouse?
A sweetbutt is a woman who is there for the pleasure of the MC members, while this is not limited to sexual favors nine times out of ten that is exactly what they are there for. They serve the purpose of instant gratification for these men. A house mouse is typically someone who lives with a MC member and works for him in a capacity similar to a live in nanny or maid. While sweetbutts run the entire age gambit, house mice are normally younger in age and most times are gearing up to become an old lady.
Is this a foreign language? I do not understand what is being said
We get it, it can be daunting when people are tossing out words like broomsticks and buddy pegs and you have no idea what is even going on. We find that this website is an immense help and hopefully it helps you along your way.